Cultural Sustainability and Preservation

Digital Archival of Hispanic Nickname Identities and the Aesthetics of Repatriation

This is an ongoing research and pre-production project that documents nicknames from Hispanic undocumented immigrants to disseminate such an emblematic aspect of the Hispanic immigrant community. This project allows for dialogues of identity, politics, narratives, traditions, and transculturation. As an ongoing project there are currently 60 nicknames taken from family, friends, and other people in the Hispanic communities. Using character design techniques from animation pre-production conventions, this process is recontextualized to execute the visuals of this documentation. The design for each nickname/character is based on individual backgrounds, personalities, physical attributes, sociopolitical instabilities and the morph of Mesoamerican visual elements with contemporary design. The technical aspects used for each design include traditional 2D design, 3D modeling, collage of found images, and digital painting. This project entails the beginning phases of an animation film production. The design of each character/nickname will contribute to the inspiration for environment designs and a structured narrative.