fin de

 In this colorfully animated and poignant short, Jacobo, a premature bird, desires to fly but his failed attempts are unknowingly watched by a mythological Aztec bird who has the power to grant Jacobo’s wish. 

 “Fin De” illustrates the idea of adapting to difficult circumstances and uncontrollable factors often only controlled by figures in higher power or authority and privileges granted only under the authority’s specific parameters and conditions. The short film is influenced from sociopolitical issues that reflect current Hispanic immigrant struggles in the USA. It’s a visual metaphoric story of sociopolitical tensions which attempts to illustrate an immigrant’s adaptability to a society in which they are denied privileges and rights while struggling with self-cultural identity displacement. The desire of immigrants to liberate themselves from political restrictions is the same helpless desire of Jacobo, the premature bird, to be able to fly because that is his natural privilege and right.