“Xochimilco” references big data and small data relative to an immigrant’s experience, background, and betwixt existence of two worlds. Big data in this context is the technological advancement of U.S society and its interest/ambition for further investigation to nurture and define big data. Small data refers to the limited resources that immigrants have in their Latin American underdeveloped communities and how creativity, survival instincts, and adaptability to technological and economically limited resources. “Xochimilco” identifies a Hispanic immigrant as a synthesis of big data and small data. 

“Xochimilco” was an immensely important aspect for the Tenochtitlan trading market and is now a popular tourist site in Mexico City. Therefore, it is used as a platform to establish the meeting point of the past with the present, the old with the new, and the underdeveloped with the advanced. This animation projects a Latin American immigrant’s experience in the U.S as transculturation, diasporic, and neoculturation through the synthesis of an immigrant’s cultural history and adaptation to U.S culture. 

The ongoing travel with uncertain destiny, arrival, or departure reflects an immigrant’s desire to simultaneously exist in the past, subsist in the present, and live in the past in the future. The past refers to an entire life left behind including an immigrant’s home, culture, loved ones, and traditions. Subsisting in the present is coping under political constraints, the inability to compete or adapt to neoliberal economics and the globalized market economy that leads to immigration as a means to pursue better opportunities. The feeling of living in contradictory times and places leads to uncertainty, cultural dislocation, and fear of the future. Uncertainty reigns rather than the hope of eventually returning home to motherland one day.